University of Surrey, UK, Kaitai Liang 学术报告
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报告题目:Privacy preserving (outsourced) data share and search


时间:2018-04-09 (星期一) 15:30 ~ 2018-04-09 (星期一) 16:25








报告摘要:In cloud/big data era, individuals and industries are encouraged to outsource their data to unknown cloud so as to get rid of the cost of local data storage and management. The remote data storage and retrieval services supported by cloud allow users to gain access to data anytime anywhere. However, they yield security and privacy concerns for users as the data is out of physical control. This talk will focus on the study of secure cloud-based data search, share and more (by leveraging some well-studied cryptographic tools).


报告人简介:Dr Kaitai Liang is an Assistant Professor in Secure Systems at the University of Surrey, UK, and member of the Surrey Centre for Cyber Security, a GCHQ recognised UK Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research. Kaitai received the PhD degree in computer science (applied cryptography direction) from City University of Hong Kong in 2014. Prior to SURREY, Kaitai was a Lecturer in School of Computing, Mathematics and Digital Technology, Manchester Metropolitan University; postdoctoral researcher at Department of Computer Science, Aalto University (Finalnd); visiting scholar at Department of Computer Science, UCL; visiting scholar at KU LEUVEN (Belgium), Sapienza University of Rome (Italy) and University of Wollongong (Australia); research intern in Institute for Infocomm Research (Singapore). Kaitai has been involved in a few European funded projects. His main research interests are applied crypto, data security, big data security, blockchain, smart contract and privacy-enhancing technology. Kaitai has published a series of research works, applying secure tools to tackle real-world problems, in many high tier international journals (e.g., IEEE TIFS, IEEE NETWORK, and IEEE Transactions on Industrial Informatics). Kaitai has served as TPC for many renown international security/privacy conferences, e.g., ACNS, TRUSTCOM, ASIACCS, ACISP, ProvSec, and he was the pc chair of International workshop on Security in Big Data. Kaitai is also an official ISO member of UK ISO Crypto Sub Committee IST/33/2.